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Festivals of Leyte

One of the beautiful and fast-advancing provinces in the Visayas region, Leyte is famous for its various historic, vibrant, and highly entertaining festivals. Aside from their significance to the local residents of the area, these festivities also serve as serious attractions for local and foreign tourists alike. For years, many people continuously develop a great deal of interest to all these special occasions, which are characterized by colorful parades, eye-catching dance presentations, and other significant activities. Overall, these festivals are very important because they reflect the values, traditions, as well as diverse cultures of the different people living within the area.

Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival - June 27
Celebrated every last week of the month of June, Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival is a very popular Leyte festival that regularly draws lots of attention from foreign and local tourists alike. With Tacloban City as its focal point, this event aims to commemorate folk beliefs, epics, as well as the colorful traditions of the native people in the province. In general, dance-drama presentations are major highlights of this festival, which feature people who cover their bodies with colorful paints. Aside from the wonderful cultural presentations, this event also features many bazaars, where tourists can purchase native products, special delicacies, and other interesting items.

Buyogan Festival
Held every 19th day of August, Buyogan Festival is another highly popular and attractive festival in the Philippines. Annually, the local government of Abuyog organizes this special event to celebrate the founding as well as the rich history of the town. To highlight the festivities, local residents participate in dances while wearing colorful costumes and make-ups that closely resemble the appearance of bees. In addition, the choreography of these outstanding and entertaining dance presentations also mimics the graceful movements and behaviors of honeybees.

Sangyaw Festival
Organized every June in Tacloban City, Sangyaw Festival is another fascinating festival that local and foreign tourists love to observe whenever they visit the beautiful province of Leyte. Like most of the other exciting festivals in the province, this one also features beautiful, colorful, and mesmerizing dance presentations. Additionally, the various participants of Sangyaw Festival wear make-ups that closely resemble the appearances of different flowers. Moreover, another major highlight of this special annual event is the very exciting street dancing competition as well as the colorful opening day parade.

Alikaraw Festival
Held annually within the municipality of Hilongos in the province of Leyte, Alikaraw Festival is also one of the most interesting and highly entertaining special events in the area. This colorful festival never fails to amaze tourists and guests, particularly because it commemorates the ancient ritual of a local tribe in Leyte. At the same time, this event is a celebration of the rich natural resources of the place, which boasts of pristine forests and beautiful orchids. During the celebrations, people can witness enjoyable dance presentations, as well as outstanding concerts that feature many talented homegrown singers.

Pasaka Festival
Celebrated every month of August in the municipality of Tanauan, Pasaka Festival is one of the most inviting events in the province of Leyte. Above all, this occasion is very special to the local people because it commemorates their rich heritage, colorful tradition, as well as strong beliefs. Tanauan residents participate in different kinds of special activities including a dance-drama presentation, which is a major highlight of the festival. Besides sharing their culture to future generations, the local residents also organize a feast to celebrate the richness of their lives as well as their prosperity.

Sanggutan Festival
Organized every 18th day of May in the municipality of Barugo, Sanggutan Festival is a certified major tourist attraction in the province of Leyte. More than anything else, local residents support this festival as it remembers the ancient methods of coconut wine processing in Barugo. To highlight this special occasion, residents choreograph an interpretative dance that portrays the winemaking process during the old times in Leyte.

Lubi Lubi Festival
Held every 15th day of August in the municipality of Calubian, Lubi Lubi Festival is a captivating and entertaining event in Leyte that features enjoyable cultural presentations. As major highlights of this special occasion, local residents hold dance presentations in an effort to portray the importance of coconut trees to the lives of the various people living within the area.

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